About Us

The Bump Fm Story.

WBUM-DB "Bump Fm Inc" Started as a Internet Radio Station Ministry located in Providence, Rhode Island.  B.U.M.P. Fm stands for Broadcasting Urban Music & Praise. It was created to give
The Christian community positive hip hop music to listen to while doing everyday tasks like going to work, running errands, & driving. 
Bump Fm Inc was founded in 2018 By Charles “Dj Charlie Washed” Washington And Stephanie Washed. The idea was to make a station that plays music, that has the messages of the bible to. Educate, entertain and help people the community create a closer more meaningful relationship with God. 

Founders: Dj CharlieWashed & Stephanie Washed  
Bump Fm Inc is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible. Ein 84-4276238

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